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from CEO Brad Reddersen

CEO Stranova

When You Engage Our Team

You’ll get access to some of the most Creative People in the Strategy Business.  With domain expertise from wireless/mobile to software, digital healthcare, chemical engineering, alternative energy, and even the wine industry, and experience from High-Tech to Non-Profits and NGOs.   Plus a track record of continuous personal innovation with patents spanning four decades, along with group innovation leadership driving billion-dollar businesses with top market share in multiple industries.

Spotlight On:
Leading Innovation

Innovation has become quite the buzzword these days — and with good reason.  Because Companies and Organizations will indeed die if they are not continuously evolving, creating new products and services, and finding new ways to disrupt the Ecosystems they operate within.

The problem with Innovation is principally that — no matter how much you may want and need more of it — it is impossible just to flip a switch and magically you will have more innovation.  Nor can just hiring more clever people dramatically transform your product lines overnight.

The truth is the process of turbo-charging Innovation in your Company is just that:  a process.  You don’t get it just by whipping your innovators to produce more; that actually usually backfires.  What you need instead is a full-scale “tune up” of the Innovation Engine you use to imagine, prototype, and develop your latest products and services.

That includes everything from how you balance development between R&D and Product/Service creation, how you’re organized for Innovation, and how you engage both customers and strategic partners in the process.

It also includes what we at Stranova consider one of the most important aspects of innovation:  selecting the most important problems or questions your customers need resolved right now.   Why emphasize the problems or questions rather than just jumping into the products or services you are sure are most needed by your market?  Because we have found that – more often than not – organizations often launch off in a presumed best direction long before they have ever fully understand the nuances of the issues and opportunities driving their industry.

After leading organizations to produce market-leading products and services for over thirty years, our team has what it takes to reinvigorate the Innovation Process in your organization.   Please contact us today.